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Finding my own way…

Born again… again

I was born, then I was ‘born again’ now I’m born again, again.  It has been like waking up from a hangover, eating something greasy to come back to life and then remembering all the things I did… that if I had them to do over… I wouldn’t.  Yeah, its like that.

There are definitely some positives I had in the church as a kid… a clique, a posse, a group of friends that would always be there.  It provided an escape from home, which was a positive.  I still think about the people I knew then and have fond memories.  I wonder where they are and what their live are like.  I know many have stayed in the church, and some have left.  I’m not against those who have stayed, I just know it isn’t for me.  I hope that one day we can have a ‘youth group reunion’ so we can all reconnect.  It was an important part of my life… so important that it has taken me ten years to come to terms with my true feelings.


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