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Finding my own way…

What Am i?

When I was a Christian I had a clear identity that was tied to a group. One that I held onto very tightly. It was easy in some ways because saying “I’m a Christian” generally gave a starting place.

Now when people ask about beliefs or philosophies I don’t have a solid answer. For years after deciding to leave Christianity behind I did nothing in terms of soul searching or philosophizing. I just wanted to be, wanted my Sundays back. Ahhhh, Sundays are my favorite day now.

Recently I started looking more closely at philosophies and beliefs and still have no real ‘spirirual’ identity. I love science and believe it shows us how amazing the world is. But I also believe the world is made up of more than that. Whether it’s an energy we all share and can tap into or is something inside our own being that can bring us ultimate comfort and peace. Or maybe even a mixture of both of these ideas. So, I’m reading, listening and learning all sorts of things.

The one constant in what I am starting to believe is that it is up to me. I have the power to make my life better and to give something to the world to make it a better place. I also know that whatever I come to believe, it will not be built up on a foundation of not being good enough. I’ve had enough of that and the guilt that comes with it for a lifetime.


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