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I grew up with creationism as the only way the Earth could have come to be.  At a young age I had a real love of science, and always tried to reconcile what I learned in science with what I learned in church.  The way I reconciled it was by saying, “God created a world that is meant to be explored, so maybe he just built an old world from the beginning.”  Of course, this was already going outside the realm of what most of the christian church believed, but it worked for me.

Well, the older and ‘wiser’ I got, the more conflicted I became.  I have always loved science because of the research, the discovery and the fact that it really works.  I love all science, but physics is one that I really love.  I love the fact that you don’t ‘see’ physics directly… you basically see the affect of physics on the world around you.  As I got deeper into physics and started learning about the exploration of the universe and the size of it and the other galaxies out there, the more I really had to queston how on earth there could be only one religion that gets you to heaven.

I now believe that there are so many more unknowns than knowns and religion and science are both included in this belief.  At this point, I do believe there is an ‘energy’ or ‘force’ or something unexplained out in the universe… I also believe that science sits very well with this.  I’m the first to admit that I don’t know what I don’t know… but what I do know is that science has helped me appreciate the world/galaxy/universe and the complexities of everything in it more than my old religion.

When I think about how it is all connected, I’m in awe at how fantastic it is.

What do you think about science and religion?


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  1. I think science and Christianity fit together very well.

    Comment by Rich | June 2, 2009 | Reply

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