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I know I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus.  I am back, and ready to write more frequently.  I just stumbled upon a blog, Unreasonable Faith, and have enjoyed scratching the surface of it.  The person writing it has a very similar background as mine, and it is a refreshing blog that has well thought out writings.  It’s like reading a copy of ‘Skeptic’ that is solely focused on questioning all that religion has taught him.

One of my favorite posts on the site is about interpretting what a Christian is saying and what an acceptable and unacceptable response is.  I have said, and heard, every single one of these phrases.  One of my favorites is asking people for prayer requests.  Even when I was knee deep in my church going ways, I always viewed this as a strange ritual that I always felt served as the ‘church tabloid’.  I always hated coming up with a prayer request and would usually come up with some mundane request.

I look forward to exploring the path of leaving religion and the church behind.  It’s a path I’ll always be on, and one that still has it’s rocky times (the guilt is something that still creeps up frequently).

I will question, point out things that drive me crazy about the world I left behind, and will explore the real emotion that I and others have about leaving behind something that was such a big part of life at one time.

I hope you will join me for the ride and will interact with I and others who visit.


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  1. I found a book at Amazon God vs. Satan : The Untold Story which claims to be the Little Book predicted to explain God’s Mystery to mankind in Rev. 10. Even explains why he went into hiding, and when he would surface again, and why.

    My family didn’t believe it, but we read it anyway. And it is true. I understand everything Jesus said. EVERYTHING! Even know where he left out information on purpose because his generation wasn’t ready for the truth.

    I understand souls, God, how Satan’s Kingdom is divided, and how God and Satan fight in the world today. Except the actual truth is different from what anyone expects. It explains all the crime in our urban cities. And how to change it.

    It is a small book, as predicted in Rev. 10, every page is packed with new ideas. The words draw pictures, making the understanding easy. Even how creation started. And what the Holy Ghost is made out of.

    It was written in the Bible that it would come in the hands of an angel to the world from God. I read it, and I don’t believe any human mind could have that much new information by itself. A thousand geniuses couldn’t have written that book. Or this
    Einstein of religion kept himself hidden from the world for a long time.

    The fact that book is here today amazes me. We must be in end times for it to exist. I need an expert on Revaluations to comment on the book.

    I understand now why God went into hiding. Once you understand his mystery, what he really is, his early involvement in world affairs, and his absence later on becomes obvious. So does his return and when and why.

    No one religion captured the truth. But many got pieces of it. But the real truth makes complete sense of reality.

    Comment by Bob Lane | May 24, 2010 | Reply

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