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Digital After Life?

Interesting article today on CNN, that asks the question, “What happens to our digital life when we die?”

Check out the article here.

While our physical life ends when we die, our digital life doesn’t. We leave behind a trail of digital fingerprints, and have accounts that are integrated into a world that stays very much alive. Do you have a plan for your digital afterlife? Is it in your will? Are most if not all of your digital accounts known by one or two people?

Me, personally, I have told my husband my accounts and passwords. I should probably write them down somewhere in case he forgets. I guess if I owned a domain that was worth more than $9.99 I would add it to my will. Other than these two things, I really have no plan for my digital afterlife. Perhaps I should give it more thought!


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  1. I read an article about a website (forget the name) that you could sign up and would let people in your “online world” know you had died unexpectedly. It would somehow post notes to social networking sites, gaming sites, etc. to spread the news.

    Interesting age we live in.

    Comment by Rich | June 2, 2009 | Reply

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