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Abusing Trust

I became part of an interesting comment chain over on The Preacher and the Skeptic. Here is the statement that got my attention:

“…you need to first develop a trusting relationship with them. Then, you need to help them to realize that their world view is really wrong.”

I of course could not stay silent on a comment like that. I came back with a response that basically stated this a reason that I personally left the church and Christianity behind. One of many, of course, but this is a big one.

The fact is, I went on mission trips in high school, I evangelized, I spread the word. You know what… I also did it through gaining trust, and just when I would get that trust… *wham*, I’d knock people over the head with all that was wrong with their life and would tell them that they absolutely needed Jesus to overcome all that ‘wrong’. I would scare them to God, would tell them they were going to hell for eternity if they didn’t change their ways. I’m not proud of this, and wish with everything in my being that I could go back and change it. But I can’t.

It is sickening to me that others would use a persons basic need for something (housing, food, clothing, etc.) to gain their trust and then tell them why their lives are horrible and their views are wrong. I wonder if people from the church would do all of these ‘good works’ if there were no opportunity to spread the ‘good news.’ I wonder.

As I said on the blog comments, I now do good things, because it is the right thing to do. Period.


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  1. From a Christian perspective, this is somewhat frustrating. I think Religion has taken the goal of “salvation” to a “work” that must be done. It’s the goodness of God that leads people to repentance, not “you’re going to hell” — still, that’s what most Church’s would propagate.

    Jesus Christ never slammed people, but He did build up trust in the relationship. That’s what a loving person does. Christianity is not about how-many-people-can-I-save-in-the-next-ten-minute — Christianity is about a relationship with God + Jesus Christ (and with each other). Christians should have freedom to share fully with each other and be free from guilt and stress and bondage.

    It’s sad, the state of mainstream Christianity.

    Comment by Rich | June 2, 2009 | Reply

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