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Want Gossip? Join a Prayer Chain…

Ahhh… tabloids.  Will John and Kate get divorced?  Will Britney fall apart?  Will Brad and Angelina make it?  Honestly, I don’t care, but it doesn’t mean I don’t check my People.com widget on my Google home page.

At church, there aren’t tabloids… but everyone knows how to hear the latest gossip.  Join a prayer chain, small group, choir… really… anything that forces people to have prayer requests.  This is the best gossip hour of the week for most people who attend churches.  You hear all kinds of things…

  • Pray for my marriage which is on the rocks right now
  • Pray for my neighbor who is having an affair and doesn’t know what to do
  • Pray for Susie’s son who is addicted to crack
  • Pray for John’s daughter who is 15 and pregnant
  • Pray for… *insert private, should not be shared with random people, information here*

Unbelievable the things that one can learn in ‘prayer circle.’  My favorite is that even when people are vague, everyone knows who they are talking about.  Or even worse, they don’t, but they think they do.  The other thing that I detest, is that people basically talk about other people (and tell some of their deep secrets) without the permission of this person.  But, it’s all in the name of prayer, so I guess it’s okay.

Personally, I’ve found that getting off my ass and doing something about whatever it is that I’m having issues with, generally has done more for me than sitting back and praying about it.  I’ve also found that giving my brain time to focus (mainly a silent moment to just think) generally gives me more clarity than any prayer time did… especially prayer done with 20 other people who really are just excited to hear about all of the problems in other peoples lives.  You know what else, I’ve found I’m a lot happier too.  You know why?  Because I’m no longer surrounding myself with ‘downer’ people who don’t seem to know how to actually DO anything more than whine when they have a problem.


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  1. I went to some meetings at people’s houses that I knew with some of the other people I went to church with.

    Yeah, that’s basically how things went. Everyone would basically talk about, not just their stuff, but people who weren’t there or people they knew and how they needed prayer.

    Of course, people also wanted to pray about people who had left the church. Looking back on that is painful. It was so condescending and arrogant because every single person just knew that the person we were praying about was lost or miserable or whatever.

    Of course, I also relate to the second point as well. I prayed all the time for my dad. There were some serious issues that my dad has had and I just wanted him to be back to normal. There were several people in the groups I prayed with that knew my dad and, therefore, the problem my dad had really resonated with them.

    My dad got no help out of some people talking about what was going on with him miles away. It did nothing but put it to the forefront of my mind for months. I don’t think he’ll ever be normal, but instead of begging God to do something that will never happen, it hurt more and more when nothing actually happened. Instead, I should have been accepting what was, instead of complaining about what I wanted.

    Comment by Janus Grayden | June 4, 2009 | Reply

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