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Finding my own way…

Puppy vs. Jesus

Saw this on BoingBoing Gadgets, thought I should share… this dog’s reaction seems about right.


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God Disappeared??

I’ve always wondered what would happen if God disappeared… now I know!

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Lies About Christianity

This guy says it best (I love his dry sense of humor, and his final line), so I’ll leave it to him:

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Even Jesus Affected By Bad Economy


Photo:  (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

According to the LA times, even Jesus Christ and Darth Vader are seeing a slow down in revenues.  Down on Hollywood Blvd., people have stopped putting money in their hats.  Poor Jesus… guess he’ll need to bring back the old ‘miracle act’.

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Religion… Ridiculous… Religulous!

I know this movie has now been out for awhile, but I must write about it.  I saw it a few months ago, and seriously… it is not only funny, but thought provoking, and for me, at times, emotional.  Mainly emotional when he spoke to those in the Christian religion… why?  Becuase I used to be one of them, and I remember sounding just as crazy and out there as the people in this movie.  I. really. believed.  I would have said the same things the people in the movie say had I been confronted by Bill Maher when I was kneed deep in it.

Have any of you seen this movie?  Curious what your thoughts are

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Is this a video for a Church…

Or just a bad movie about the fact that Alaska becomes very dark in the winter?

I couldn’t resist sharing on this ordinary Tuesday.

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