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Pastor McKissic – Southern Baptist Who is Speaking Out

I was led to an article on the Associated Baptist Press site, where Pastor McKissic, Southern Baptist Pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, speaks out against a former Southern Baptist Convention officer.

From the article:

Drake, a white man elected to the same office 10 years later, said June 2 on “The Alan Colmes Show” that unless Obama repents, he is praying that God will kill the president. Drake said he believes that is what happened to slain abortion provider George Tiller, who was shot to death while attending church in Wichita, Kan., on Sunday, May 31.

As a follow-up to the radio show, Drake had this to say:

“I’ve been a Baptist pastor for a long time, been in the pro-life fight, been face-to-face with Tiller, told him about Jesus, and I’ve seen many, many others tell him about Jesus over and over and over again,” Drake said. “And I’ve seen horrific things that go on in those death abortuaries — and that’s what they are — and so my initial response to those people, they said, ‘Well what was your response,’ and I said, ‘Well, in all honesty I have to just respond directly and say I am glad that he’s dead.'”

Thankfully, a pastor who is part of the Southern Baptist community is speaking out:

McKissic, who is asking the SBC this year to adopt a resolution celebrating the election of the nation’s first African-American president, said if Drake was identified in the interview as a Southern Baptist, then his remarks should not go unchallenged.

McKissic, a former president of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention pastors conference and speaker at the group’s evangelism conference, personally denounced Drake’s comments and said he would ask SBC president Johnny Hunt to do the same.

“They need to be repudiated by Southern Baptist leaders,” McKissic said.

Do you think the Secret Service should check this guy out, along with all of his followers who may actually take him seriously?  I personally think they should, and hope that they are.  Isn’t even mentioning something like this, especially in a public forum, enough to get investigated?

It is people like Drake, who are out there on large platforms, who only add to the hatred and violence created by such extreme views.  Who preach things like this, that turn into actions.  Just look at Dr. Tiller.


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