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Sunday Morning Thoughts


I used to spend my Sundays getting up at 7AM and spending practically the entire day at church.  This was my schedule:

  • 7AM, get up
  • 8AM, leave the house
  • 8:30AM, attend Sunday Service
  • 9:30AM, break
  • 10:00AM, Sunday School
  • 11:00AM, break
  • 11;30AM, leadership meeting
  • 12:30PM, lunch with leadership group
  • 2:00PM, head home for a break, or hang with church people some more, perhaps even an informal prayer request time
  • 4:30PM, choir practice
  • 5:30PM, night church
  • 6:30PM, break
  • 7:00PM, Sunday night activity with church

Holy crap that’s a lot of stuff to do on what is supposed to be the day of rest.  This schedule was years ago, and yet I can remember it like it was yesterday.  All of it to prove something.  That I was a good Christian, that I was active in the church, that I really had Jesus in my heart and active in my life.

Here is my new Sunday schedule:

  • Get up when I want
  • Enjoy coffee, breakfast and the paper with my husband
  • Go for a walk with the dogs
  • Do whatever the hell I want, all day

I like the new schedule better.  It’s more relaxing, and more real.  No more trying to be the best church goer I could be.  You know what?  I think I actually celebrate the Sabbath more now than I ever did back in my church going days.  Imagine that, it took leaving the church and Christianity to actually have a day of rest.


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